tirsdag den 26. maj 2020

Allied Stranger of Rebel Nature

Whales have the biggest brains on this planet and eyes that resemble the human eye. Wonder what thoughts are running through those massive sentient creatures. Rebel Nature is a nearfuture story about the lost connection between humans and Nature and one extraordinary girl, Res Waveborn who reconnect to survive. Our grandchildren will be rebels, Nature rebels. School is in and Nature is the teacher.

Eye to eye with nature. Diving with WhaleM, Res Waveborn builds a strong connection with another biological sentient being with the ability to feel, care and communicate. The nearfuture will be shaped by rebels.

mandag den 16. marts 2020

A story ready for a new 2020 reality.

Sometime in the near future this young unknown girl Res Waveborn is looking back at our current challenges and choices from a totally new angle. It is the future of our grandchildren that is the focus of the Rebel Nature story and universe. Welcome to a story in the making where all the present reality, news, science and technology will mix together in a chaotic and unpredictable adventure about the legend of the human race on this amazing planet. It is unfolding right before our eyes and we play a crucial role in the storyline. One planet - One destiny

torsdag den 19. december 2019

When Nature and Technology joins forces

When nature and technology team up, humanity becomes the endangered species.

The human race has for millennia used technology to conquer and master the forces of nature, but when technology is advanced to a level of selfawareness, who says their allegiance will lie with the humans?

Since the dawn of time nature has mutated to adapt to environmental changes, but given the escalating pressure from humanity, the mutations are now taking an unprecedented pace and form. Nature has abilities for both survival and destruction way outside human comprehension - and the mind of advanced technology knows that. When nature looks like it's dying, it' actually just changing.

Rebel Nature is not another future dystopia

Rebel Nature is NOT a post apocalyptic universe but a hopefull adventure through challenges and possibilities ahead, seen from a completely new point of view.

Using the full potential of the new media landscape to entertain, engage and activate as large an audience as possible.

Rebel Nature is a modern legend addressing the fact that we are faced with choices and challenges bigger than ever before in human history expressed in the 17 Global UN Goals.
Rebel Nature will approach these goals from a story angle.

In Rebel Nature, Humans are not lost but we are about to be rediscovered.

Our kids and future generations will some day look back and ask what we were thinking and doing.

Rebel Nature is a story for the future. A message in a bottle for the coming generations. They will only know us for the stories we tell.

Rebel Nature Introduction

Rebel Nature is a near future story universe and IP. 
Born by urgency, fuelled by fiction and aiming for empathy. 

Rebel Nature takes you on an epic adventure on planet Earth to discover our own untold future legend and redefine what it will mean to be human.

The concept of The Jungle Book reimagined for the future with new cast focusing on humans, technology and nature.

A story set in the 2040ies when an orphan child is brought up by technology, on the edge of the world in the Southern Ocean.
From a childhood on an AI controlled unmanned oil rig, she set out to discover and explore a universe threatened by the conflict between humanity, technology and nature.

The task of our main character; the orphan Res Waveborn is to find a way to navigate in this epic conflict. In search of hope and humanity and her lost history.