mandag den 15. august 2016

Why RebelNature?

The mission with this project is to use many years of commercial and creative skills to create a different story to tell kids, the youth of this generation and hopefully their children.

An epic story not borne out of the desire for greater profits but from a fundamental belief that 
stories can shape the future one small step at a time.

A story that does not preach or moralise because we are all part of the problem but maybe also the solution.

A story about taking action while you can and have the ability.

A story that intends to become fully CSR certified and support environmental projects.

We hope to switch on the Rebel Nature in the audience and make everybody understand that it is personal action that changes things. 
This project is an attempt to prove exactly that.

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  1. Faber. I'm really excited to see you use your creative potential for world creation once again. God speed, friend.